Trey Post: 2018 is My Year of LOVE

Last year I took on the challenge to say yes to almost everything and changed my life for the better. This year is my year of LOVE not just romantically because lord knows I've been single for a while, but love for myself, love towards others, love for my work, just love all around !!!!! the reason why I decided to take this challenge of dedicating an entire year to love is that I had come to learn that in the past I've stonewalled love and used every opportunity no not put myself first and to lead a life that lacked the love necessary for me to succeed.

Now I see a lot of you reading this in my head thinking "Trey is full of shit, he knows damn well he's been loving himself for the past 5 years, how is dedicating another year to love going to change anything"  But trust me it will, I'm taking the time to cook the food that I love but will also help me love my body as well. I'm taking the time to love my friends old and new, and lastly, I'm taking the time to find love. I know that I'm young and at 21 who the hell is going to find the person that they are going to open the rest of their life with but honestly that's not what I'm talking about, I've looked back at all my past relationships and with an exception on maybe two people I haven't been in love with the person that I was dating, most of the time it was just me going through the motions not wanting to be alone but with time I've gotten older and learned to love my alone time and solitude.

This year much like last year I'm challenging myself to go beyond what I'm used to so I'm leaving with this question: What Do You Want To Achieve This Year?