Trey Post: "THE PLAYLIST: HIM edition"

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In honor of the debut of the HIM podcast, I wanted to get together with my co-hosts (Erin, Stevie, and Malik) and put together a HIM edition of my monthly release of "THE PLAYLIST". This months theme was LOVE, as a group we wanted to tell a story not just showcasing the good parts of a relationship but the heartbreak, the anger, the sensual, the respect that two people have for each other. This is a topic that we will be talking about at length on the show as it's something that we are all striving for.

For myself, this show will be like a therapy session I will be opening up sharing myself. Sharing every flaw, every mistake, in hopes that I can learn from Stevie, Erin, and Malik while also have the learn from my experiences in love as well.  

- Trey

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