Stevie Post: Coming Out Story



So here is my story... I was a sophomore in high school and I was dealing with my own way of finding my identity and who I was. I had dated a few girls trying to hide my true self, shit I even kissed the girls. 😭 I even though what I was doing was right, but honestly, I was only messing myself up in the process. There were some who already tried to tell me to read the Bible and get into the church to fix myself and that the way I was living was very sinful. I knew there was NOTHING that needed to be fixed. So one day I had a deep conversation with myself and told myself "Steven you have TO stop hiding cause all it's doing keeping you from being just that YOU". I use to go to the library sometimes during my lunch period just to use the computer for sites like Facebook, Sconex & ETC....for some reason the school had a HUGE security block on MySpace! But one this day.... there was a glitch in the system and MySpace was unblocked! So I took to my MySpace and made the biggest decision of my life. I changed my name on MySpace to "Too Many In The Clothes I Had To Come Out" and made my profile Song Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out" 😭😭😭😭..... and from there the rest is history! I got so much love and support from my friends in school I was so proud of the choice I made cause it made me the confident young man I am today! I AM WHO I AM. 🌈 I hope my story touches somebody today! SHOUTOUT TO MY whole LGBTQ community ❤️


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