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How Pose and Twelve Inches of Shirley Bassey Go Hand-In-Hand

It’s very easy to forget the importance of representation when you live in a city like New York where you see queer people of color living or working towards living their best lives. In the world of television, there has been a dramatic upswing in queer representation, which I am totally here for, but there has yet to be anyone on tv where I can say, “Hey, they’re just like me,” or, “Oh shit, that happened to someone I know.” With great shows like Noah’s Arc and Looking we had a predominantly cisgender male cast of homosexuals giving us positive perspectives on queerness in a post-AIDS outbreak/post-Bush presidency America and yet they were somehow lacking. Not that those shows were bad because they weren’t and I’m honestly still not over the cancellation of Looking but this is the marked nature of queer presenting shows on television, a noted derision of the community it presents. With the June 3rd premiere of Ryan Murphy and 21st Century Fox’s ‘Pose’ on FX we were given what most thought would be another of these soft-shoe shows. Oh, what a surprise.

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