Four men in early February got together wanting to create a podcast speaking to real life everyday topics, from sex and relationships to learning to overcome fears and focusing on the things that are the most important to you. Stevie, Malik, Erin, and Trey are four young, black gay men who want to open up and share their stories and what makes them HIM. Each Wednesday, the boys will release an episode talking about everything from current events in black gay culture, to the problems and solutions to many of the issues we all face. So sit, stand or take a walk while listening to them figure it out.



Stevie is 27-year-old wild child Aries from Long Island, New York and has built a huge following through his YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter, reaching an audience of over 20K.

Known as a true music and pop culture junkie, and for live tweeting some of the best shows on TV. Stevie has started a new venture on his accounts and has started giving advice in what he calls "Dear Ya’ll".

Stevie brings the energy to the show, always keeping you guessing on what he will say next.



29, Aries. Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia. Malik made his transition to NYC in May of 2015. With two years of the city life under his belt, he currently resides in the "Boogie Down" Bronx.

A prolific reader and ardent writer, Malik is currently studying English Literature full time at a CUNY school in Manhattan. Creator of the podcast The Boyz, Malikdecided to start a new project in February 2017, which we now know as HIM.

Malik maintains interning as well as tutoring and teaching math.  His ambition is to find his place among the literary greats. He maintains an active social life !



Erin is a nappy 28-year-old student trying to actively figure life out. Having recently been honorably discharged from the United States Navy, he immediately moved to NYC, fulfilling a dream of his. He eventually settled in Brooklyn, and he attends Fordham University. 

A lover of fantasy novels, Erin is miserably lactose intolerant, aspires to act, and occasionally writes really bad fan fiction. Mostly though, he is passionate about inclusion, love & support within the black LGBTQIA+ community.

Erin is grateful & happy to be lending his voice, experiences & awkward pauses to HIM.



Trey is currently a "Fashion Institute of Technology" student born and raised in Philadelphia.

Majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Trey has moved to New York heavily focused on making his dreams of being in the Marketing Industry come true. In his spare time, he keeps his love for music and creating alive with a project he calls "The Playlist", carefully crafted music playlists showcasing different themes and the best in music each month.

As the baby in the group at just 22, Trey is sharing his unique and very straightforward take on being young, black, and gay dealing with everything from relationships, career choices, and finding his way in this new city of his.